Joseph Macoviak

Boynton Beach, Florida USA


Palm Beach Atlatic University

Computer Science with Business

Expected Graduation: May 2025

Interesting Project

In my First Year Experience we had a project about time management and how important it is to use our time correctly.I showed me that how important it is to use our time well because we can never get it back.


The three most important things in my life are my family, friends, and peace of mind. Family is probably the most important thing in my life. They were always with me in the good times and the bad times. They were always there to challenge me and make me better and made me who I am today.The second most important is my friends. My friends are just a second family to me. We did so much fun over the years and made memories that will last a lifetime. The third and final one is peace of mind. You can do anything in your life but if you do not have peace of mind it would be way harder and harder on your mental health.

Career Goal

I would like to work in the computer field and I am still exploring what I want to focus on, for the future of my studies.

Technical Skills

  • Developing Websites
  • Setting up Computers
  • Entry-levels Computer Science
  • Website Development
  • Powerpoint

Classes of Interest

Website Development

Intro to Computer Science

Intro to Business

First Year Experience

College Algebra


Places Visited

  1. Florida
  2. Michigan
  3. North Carolina

Places to Visit

  1. Texas
  2. Mexico
  3. North Dakota